EVS - Standard Viscometer Bath

Viscometer observations are made easy in this state-of-the art constant temperature viscometer bath. Performing to a temperature stability of +/- 0.005 degrees C, the EVS bath is extremely stable. The built in LED backlight with a soft diffuser, makes it easy for the laboratory technician to observe the flow times. Setting of the temperature is easily done on the touch panel on the left hand side. Easy to use calibration feature, allows the user to input offset from the reference thermometer for a speedy adjustment. The EVS control system will determine the adjusted set-point directly, based on the off-set entered.

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  • EVS Viscometer Bath

    EVS Viscometer Bath PSL-Rheotek

    New Viscometer Bath from PSL Rheotek developed for product specification testing, the high precision and stability of the bath makes it the ideal base for kinematic viscosity testing in full compliance with ASTM, IP, ISO & DIN methods.


    • - Temperature stability ± 0.005°C 
    • - Multi-Voltage - Low Energy Consumption
    • - 3 Viscometer Positions
    • - Built in backlight
    • - Simple 5-button control
    • - Integrated chiller option


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