NEVA chillers

PSL Rheotek Neva’s technology is based upon a solid-state heat pump utilising the Peltier effect. Heat transfer is optimised using heat sinks, heat exchanger, flow pump and a fan. A PT 100 sensor and optimised PID temperature parameters control the stability of the desired temperature set-point.

The following NEVA models are available:

NEVA 150 – stand-alone re-circulating chiller module with external bench top power supply. Nominal cooling capacity 150W at 20ºC.

NEVA 300 - stand-alone re-circulating chiller module with internal power supply. Nominal cooling capacity 300W at 20ºC.

NEVA025 – internal cooling system for the PSL Rheotek range of EVS viscometer baths: EVS-TCM-110 Viscometer bath, 3 positions with internal ambient cooling, suitable for use from 20ºC

PSL Rheotek also offers the ability of providing direct solid-state cooling to liquid baths. In particular, the company has developed a sub-zero cooling system for both its manual sub-zero viscometer bath and automated viscometer:

EVS-TCM-300 Viscometer bath, 2 positions with internal sub-zero cooling, recommended for use at -20ºC (cooling range to -30ºC).

EVS-SAV-150 Automated sub-zero viscometer system (one position), suitable for use from ambient to -40ºC (cooling range to -50ºC).

EVS-SAV-300 Automated sub-zero viscometer system (two positions), suitable for use from ambient to -40ºC (cooling range to -50ºC).

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  • Neva Chiller

    Neva Thermoelectric Chiller PSL Rheotek

    Cooling output at 20ºC 120 W
    Cooling output at 10ºC 70 W
    Cooling output at 5ºC 50 
    Heating Mode: Heating output at 20 deg. C 184 W
    Temperature stability +/- 0.1ºC 
    Temperature operating range 2 to 85 deg. C
    Pump rate (max) 0.6 L/min
    Reservoir 120 mL
    Dimensions: (w x L x h) 143mm x 177mm x 220mm
    Weight 4.8 kg Interfaces RS232, RS485 
    Pump connections: Quick connect 
    Power requirement 100 – 240 VAC

    Part code EVS-SSM-100

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