SCAN Auto Ubbelohde Viscometer Universal Size

SCAN Auto Ubbelohde Universal PSL-Rheotek

SCAN Auto Ubbelohde Viscometer type Universal. Suitable for use with the AutoPulpIVA configuration of the RPV pulp viscometer. 

Part No. 21000


Product Description


SCAN Viscometer The PSL SCAN Viscometer is manufactured in the UK to comply with dimensions and specifications as detailed in pulp testing method ISO 5351:2010. This method has superseeded the method previously known as SCAN CM:1599. In order to carry Determination of limiting viscosity number in cupriethylenediamine (CED) solution in compliance with ISO 5351:2010 a set of 2 viscometers is required.

ISO 5351 Ubbelohde Viscometer type C.

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