Generating an accurate concentration of pulp and water is a delicate task. Using the iSP-2 helps the operator to achieve an accurate concentration every time. The dispensing of cupriethylendiamine follows after the water shaking has been completed.

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  • Pulp sample preparation system PSL-Rheotek

    Pulp sample preparation system PSL-Rheotek

    ISP-2 Pulp Request Quotation

    ISP-2  Sample Preparation, supplied complete with precision balance, syringe Pump (s) and voice promting software.
    FAST – samples can be prepared in under 75 seconds.
    Sample details are automatically transferred to the RPV-1.
    Uses weight to weight data rather than weight to volume data to calculate concentration – avoids errors due to temperature/density.
    Built in safety checks.
    Automatic ASH & MOISTURE corrections to concentration.
    Uses AUDIO prompts to talk the operator through the essential preparation steps.
    Pre-programmed methods make preparation simple and straightforward.

    -  Simple & Safe to use
    -  Improves accuracy
    -  Saves operator time
    -  Reduces exposure to hazardous chemicals
    -  Standard model suitable for most polymer applications
    -  Pulp model complete with two syringe pumps

    -  Balance: 4 decimal places
    -  Interface: RS232C
    -  2 iSP-1 syringe pumps, 25ml
    -  Interface: RS232C

    Part No. ISP-2 Pulp

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    Please e-mail to sales@psl-rheotek.com for a quotation.

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