PAN - Intrinsic Viscosity

The PSL-RHEOTEK RPV-2 (2) RSS with integrated iSP-1 can be used to determine the flow times of Polyacrylonitrile (PAN) samples dissolved in DMSO. The built-in RPV-2 software automatically calculates the kinematic, relative, specific, inherent and intrinsic viscosity - as per ASTM D2857, ISO 1628 Part 1.

Solutions of PAN samples are prepared using the integrated Sample Preparation module (iSP-1), that allows accurate preparations of different concentrations e.g. 0.1000 g/dL, 0.1500 g/dL and 0.2000 g/dL in DMSO with a tolerance of 0.0005 g/dL in all preparations. Samples are then stirred in the heated reaction block (SD-1BM) for a pre-determined time and then immediately cooled down to the test temperature. Samples are then added to the auto sampler rack after achieving the testing temperature.

The RPV-2 (2) RSS has two independent automated measuring positions, with automated cleaning and automated sample loading.

Each sample measurement represents an average of two flow times measured consecutively in each position from the same preparation. The difference between the interim flow times from the mean represented by determinability (%) of the test number, demonstrates the precision of the flow time measurement.

IV is determined through multiple solutions of samples by using the Kraemer and Huggins equations. The limiting value of inherent viscosity at an infinite dilution, when concentration is extrapolated to zero represents the intrinsic viscosity. Similarly, the limiting value of the reduced viscosity at an infinite dilution also provides the value for intrinsic viscosity.


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    • Intrinsic Viscosity
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    The PSL-Rheotek RPV-2 Polymer Viscometer is suitable for measuring the dilute solution viscosity of a wide range of polymers. Applications include PA, PET, PVC, PLA, PBT, PC, PE, PP, Cellulose Acetate, Inks, Biopolymers, Pulp and cellulose.

    RPV-2  is designed for full integration with sample preparation and sample dissolution modules from PSL-Rheotek. Using these integrated options ensures full integrity of data from end to end in the measurement process.

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