ISAAC App Viscometer

Tablet controlled automation of flow times for kinematic viscosity. A great time-saver for the oil laboratory. Results can be printed to pdf. Extremely easy to use. Excellent repeatibility. The ISAAC unit can be used with any standard viscometer bath. ISAAC comes ready configured to run flow times in duplicate and check all results for determinability prior to reporting. Built in quality control of the kinematic viscosity test work.

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  • ISAAC App Viscometer

    PSL Rheotek ISAAC Viscometer

    ISAAC has one software App – two viscometer positions

    Can be used with any standard viscometer bath with 50mm apertures in the lid.

    • ISAAC is easy to use with Bluetooth connectivity

    • ISAAC automates flow time measurements

    • ISAAC includes flexible flow time modes

    • ISAAC calculates kinematic viscosity results

    • ISAAC includes wireless printing of results

    • ISAAC includes a comprehensive results database

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