RUV-2 Petroleum Viscometers

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  • RUV-2 PSL-Rheotek

    Automated Kinematic Viscometer suitable for testing of a wide range of petroleum products

    ● Precise nIR detection

    ● Integrated cooling

    ● Built in safe-vacuum used for cleaning and drying

    ● Two solvent cleaning system

    ● Traceability of each step of the test method

    ● Integrated processor

    ● Recording of all flow times, min, max and av temperature during test, kinematic viscosity results and precision

    ● Dual bath option


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  • RUV-2 LT

    RUV-2 LT PSL Rheotek JETVISC

    • Sub-Zero Kinematic Viscometer
    • Outstanding repeatability
    • Standard ASTM Ubbelohde Tube
    • Loading at ambient temperature
    • Eco-friendly low-energy design


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