DIN Ubbelohde Micro

As set out in DIN 51562 Part 1, PSL offers two types of Ubbelohde microviscometer:

PSL SERIES 1645 - designed for manual flow time measurement

PSL SERIS 1645/AKV - designed for automatic flow time measurement

The DIN Ubbelohde microviscometer is suitable for the determination of kinematic viscosity in the range 0.35 to 800 mm2/s, cSt. 

The standard sets out:

  • minimum flow times over 100s are permitted for manual viscometers
  • minimum flow times generally over 30s are permitted for automatic measurement

AKV DIN micro-Ubbelohde viscometers can be assembled into the PSL Rheotek range of Automated Viscometers - including the RPV-1, RPV-2 and Isaac.




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